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We are pleased to announce Giants, a group exhibition featuring 16 Belgian and international artists, which will take place from 22 February to 30 March 2024 at Livourne 35.

At the inception of the ironically titled Giants, the idea emerged to ask multiple artists from the gallery, and some invited artists to present a single small-sized painting for the show.
— Rodolphe Janssen

Small-sized works. They often hold a special place in the hearts of collectors. Cherished like small gems easily held in one’s hand, moved or hung without assistance. This tactile sensitivity allows for a more immediate correspondence, giving way to a personal and intimate dialogue with the object.

Bestowed by the artists, an essence of intimacy occasionally permeates these works, as their particular format appears to lend itself to more delicate unveilings. Sometimes intimate pieces, or at times intended for the creation of monumental formats, which they serve as preparatory works. They can otherwise embrace a more experimental intent, the small format as a space for experimentation, exploration, taking risks, or venturing.

Frequently denied museum-grade stature, these artworks nevertheless hold a distinct place in the artist’s mind and often lay the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of their body of work.

Beyond these diverse evocations, it is mainly the intimate aspect and the sensitive connection to the small-format work that we aspire to celebrate through this exhibition.


  • Nicolas Party, Landscape
  • Genesis Belanger, Monkey bite
  • Louise Giovanelli, Node
  • Sanam Khatibi, When you fall in your dreams, you die if you hit the ground
  • Chris Martin, Star
  • Alvaro Barrington, Kobe: Sky's the Limit, Feb 2024
  • Alvaro Barrington, Kobe: Sky's the Limit, Feb 2024
  • Emily Mae Smith, The Maestro
  • Patrizio di Massimo, Diana (Big Tears)
  • Alvin Ong, Rempah
  • Matthew Hansel, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
  • Cornelia Baltes, Taa
  • Cornelia Baltes, Tig
  • Chris Martin, Homage to Henry Taylor
  • Roger-Edgar Gillet, Untitled
  • Gert & Uwe Tobias, Untitled (GUT/M 2954/00)
  • Tom Poelmans, A small Devil’s House
  • Léon Wuidar, 19 fév. 14

To know more about the available works from this exhibition, please contact us.

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