Order & Disorder (in collaboration with QG Gallery)

Order & Disorder (in collaboration with QG Gallery)

(Past) 25.05.202325.05.23 08.07.202308.07.23
(Gallery) Rue de Livourne 35 Livornostraat

(01/13)Exhibition views

Carl Andre

Robert Barry

Bernd & Hilla Becher

Alighiero Boetti

Bram Bogart

Peter Dreher

Dan Graham

Al Held

Sergej Jensen

Richard Long

Robert Mangold

François Morellet

Sam Moyer

Steven Parrino

Raymond Pettibon

Sean Scully

Richard Serra

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Niele Toroni

Bernar Venet

Banks Violette


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Quentin Grosjean and I each had a gallery in Knokke during the pandemic. From our friendly conversations on the seawall came the idea of organizing an exhibition that would bring together minimal and conceptual works from our two galleries.

The title, borrowed from a work on paper by Alighiero Boetti, ORDINE E DISORDINE, (included in the exhibition), testifies to the diversity of our interests in art and allows us to bring together more than 20 artists of different generations and nationalities.

Created in 2017 by Quentin Grosjean, QG Gallery is established mainly in Knokke and participates in numerous international fairs (Brafa, Miart, Art Chicago, Art Brussels, Art Cologne, etc.). Its program focuses on European and American minimal and conceptual art of the past 50 years.


  • Banks Violette, No title/(Damned 76)
  • Bram Bogart, Maagd
  • Sam Moyer, Large Payne 22
  • Sam Moyer, Large Payne 23
  • François Morellet, Confrontation n°1
  • Niele Toroni , Empreintes de pinceau n°50 à intervales de 30 cm
  • Raymond Pettibon, No title (No pickle games)
  • Steven Parrino, Slip it in
  • Richard Serra, T.W.U. #14
  • Richard Long, Small Hock Cliff Circle
  • Robert Barry, Untitled
  • Carl Andre, 1W10L
  • Alighiero Boetti, ORDINE E DISORDINE

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