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Alice Tippit

Zero eroS

(Past) 19.04.202319.04.23 20.05.202320.05.23
(Gallery) Rue de Livourne 32 Livornostraat

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Alice Tippit


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The paintings and drawings in this exhibition owe much to windows as a metaphor for paintings, television, and other media. While developing my work I consider not only traditional painting precepts of color, shape, scale, figure, and ground, but also poetic conventions such as metaphor, simile, rhyme, and symbolism. My interest in language as a vehicle for communication, a container of meaning, and an agent of misunderstanding leads me to make images that have the clarity of appearance we associate with signs yet are lacking a clear referent. Windows, as transparent passages between public and private space, are rich with a similar ambiguous potential.

I see all the works in this exhibition as little windows, by which we may consider concepts that are in many ways unthinkable through panes that are simultaneously familiar and strange.

– Alice Tippit


  • Alice Tippit, Angle
  • Alice Tippit, Oubliette
  • Alice Tippit, Old Moon
  • Alice Tippit, Dupe
  • Alice Tippit, Peep
  • Alice Tippit, Streak
  • Alice Tippit, My MTV
  • Alice Tippit, Tom
  • Alice Tippit, Urchin

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